Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where am I?

Yay! my own blog! what. *Looks around empty page* I have no idea what to blog about. When I woke up this morning I had no intentions of creating this...little slice of ....what? Blogdom?

Ooh spell check had a field day with that one.

No, seriously I am completely nerve wracked and wondering what the hell I was thinking. Can you officially have writers block when you haven't even published yo
ur first blog yet?

Okay let's give this a shot. Me, well I'm Amanda and my life consists of my son, my husband and various other not so important things. Jack, our son keeps us on our toes from the time he wakes up until we tie him to the bed. He's just turned four so we're learning alot about independence and how much he thinks he should have. My husband is James, he's got one of those funny accents that all the women swoon over. Yes, he's British. But that's not his only redeeming quality. He's a kick ass programmer with fantastic blue eyes, a very nice ass and again with the accent. There's alot more to know about him than that, but what would I put in all my other entries. Ha!

We met online about eight years ago. You know, that story. Girl meets boy who lives 4,000 miles away. They fall in love. Then they go through a three ring circus of paperwork so that boy can live in same country as girl, and maybe (obviously) marry her. Omg...the paperwork. Yeah, so that's us in a very odd nutshell.

fully I'll get better at this whole grammar/spelling thing soon so that if anyone actually reads this they'll know I do actually know how to communicate with these little letter thingies. To make up for it I'll leave you with a drool worthy (see...the grammar!) picture.

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