Friday, June 12, 2009

We're off to see the wizard!

Well, as long as the wizard lives in Traverse City anyway. Yellow Brick Road here we come!
Right so we have an eight hour drive with a four year old in tow. Can you say portable DVD player?? Very good. We made a spontaneous decision to buy a mammoth (19'x19') tent and various other camping goods and head into the wilderness of a state park in our old hometown. Spontaneous decisions rarely go well, especially since the weather forecast has just called for rain...and cold.

Jack is especially excited to CAMP! and ROAST MARSHMALLOWS! This is the first time he'll have been back here since we moved to Ohio in '06. He wasn't even a year old yet, so he'll get to see the house we used to live in and the hospital he was born in. James and I are just excited to hit our old food haunts. Red Mesa is an excellent Mexican restaurant that we looove up there,there's also Bayview Pizza, they kept us alive for most of Jack's first six months.

Traverse City has to be one of the most beautiful, laid back cities in the north. It's got tons to do in every season, and the views are spectacular. They host the Cherry Festival every July and have a film festival founded by Michael Moore. Their downtown is the best part of the city, it's full of unique shops , bookstores and restaurants. Can ya tell I love the place? I must stop this blabbering now and go pack the gazillions of bags we need for two days. Wilderness here we come! I'll leave you now with some of my favorite Michigan Photos.


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