Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Repetition is overrated

Whew. The past few days I think I've repeated myself millions of times. No, I'm not talking to myself. Well I suppose that depends on if he's actually listening in which case I could be talking to myself. This post doesn't really need to make sense does it?

My child, aka He Who Does Not Listen, has been substantially worse the past few days. When he's told to do something he ignores the directive whilst doing other things he's not supposed to be doing, until the point your forced to SHOUT! Well of course he doesn't like shouting, he's all Why are you shouting mommy?! He has this annoying little thing he does where he whines because he wants us to be happy, meaning don't be mad at me. When will he understand? How old will he be when I get to stop blabbering like a drunk wino who's taken too many hits of acid?

So the past few days in our house have been a little noisy. Add on top of that the cat pooping on He Who Does Not Listen's bed. Oh yeah, did I forget to tell ya about that? Our lovely little kitty, who without permission had other lovely little kitties has decided to use Jack's bed as a real life, shit smelling litter box. And the worst part? We thought it was Jack. James and I were more than a little worried that our tummy troubled offspring was pooing in his bed, and for good reason given we've just spent thousands in the emergency room for a bad case of gas! So eventually our scrambled brains worked out that when Jack's not in the house he CAN'T. Poo. In. The. Bed! Yeah. We're just full of win around here.

That leaves Jack in our bed. For two weeks now. Sleep deprivation prevails! The smell, oh holy christ the stench that has inhabited his bedroom is like nothing I've ever smelled before, and I've changed some pretty rank diapers. So my question is this, how do we 1. get rid of the almighty stench and 2. keep the damn cat from shitting all over the bed. So far we've been shutting all the doors to the stairs, but with summer riding our asses we need to be able to put the extractor fan on, and guess where that is, just guess. Go on. YUP upstairs. Absofreaking lootly. (HA HA spell check just had a seizure.)

I wouldn't be surprised if all my posts contain, center around/or are related to shit. Literally. Just so you know. That gives you ample time to run. Fast. Can I come with you? So if anyone has good advice, or just wants to shoot the breeze and talk about un shit related things, preferably un child related too, as I'm pretending I dont have one right now, then just shoot me a message. I'll be the one blubbering in the corner.

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